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BD9521: GIGAVAC deputs Manual Battery Disconnect Switch

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GIGAVAC announces a new double pole single throw (DPST) sealed manual battery disconnect switch -- the BD9521 -- ideal for assuring battery isolation during maintenance or other downtime situations.

Use of the BD9521 eliminates the need to remove cables; thus making battery disconnection routinely safe. For additional safety, the switch handle can be secured in either the on or off position with a customer-provided zip tie or lock that can prevent accidental switching.

The new BD9521 Battery Disconnect Switch meets IEC529 (Industrial Control Equipment) and IP67 (Ingress Protection) sealing standards against dust and water immersion to one meter; making it very capable in virtually any land-based battery application requiring up to 500 Amps continuous current. For use at continuous voltages to 32Vdc; the low, 150mV maximum contact voltage drop provides efficient insertion into any application requirement. Installation is simple with nickel plated M12 studs providing easy connection for cable lugs.

According to Markus Beck, GIGAVAC's Vice-President of Power Products, "This is the perfect complement to GIGAVAC's line of high power contactors. The BD9521 is ideal for commercial and military vehicles, mining equipment, and other heavy-duty, purpose built equipment such as machinery for logging. We are looking forward to releasing additional switches for various currents and voltages to 1,000 volts over the next year."

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