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GIGAVAC announces the P105 MiniTactor

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GIGAVAC announces the first product in a new line of patent pending switching devices: the P105 MiniTactor™. It is small, lightweight and cost effective. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the hermetically sealed GIGAVAC P105 joins GIGAVAC’s line-up of other sealed switching products including High Voltage Relays and EPIC® sealed contactors.

At less than four ounces (100 grams), the GIGAVAC P105 can easily be installed in any orientation on a panel in a matter of seconds. A sealed chamber for both contacts and coil assures clean switching in any environment. Safe make and break power switching can be achieved at any voltage up to 1500Vdc. With bi-directional switching capability and current carry to 50A, this first-ever MiniTactor™ is the perfect choice for pre-charge, charge and solar applications.

The solar and Electric Vehicle (EV) markets have increasing requirements for a cost-effective, sealed high voltage contactor. The P105 provides the perfect solution for sealed switching applications at a price that allows our customers to be competitive in their markets.

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