50 Amp 1200 Vdc MiniTactor
50 Amp 1200 Vdc MiniTactor

- Max. Operating Voltage: 1.200 Vdc
- Max. Continuous Carry Current: 50A
- Contact Arrangement: SPST-NO / Form X

- Switching Characteristics: Make & Break
- Bi-directional switching
- Coil Voltage: 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc


- Small, lightweight, and cost effective patent pending design
- Hermetic seal assures safe clean switching
- Make & Break switching to 1.200 Vdc
- Can be installed in any position, not position sensitive
- Capable of bi-directional switching
- Perfect choice for pre-charge, charge, and solar applications

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Partnumber Coil Voltage Coil Termination Power Termination  
P105BDA 12Vdc Studs, M3 Studs, M4
P105CDA 24Vdc Studs, M3 Studs, M4
P105FDA 48Vdc Studs, M3 Studs, M4
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Friday, 03. Jul 2020