GIGAVAC announces new 15kV DPDT High Voltage Relays

GIGAVAC announces three brand new 15 kV Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) compact high voltage relays -- models G2SPD, G8SPD and G15SPD.


The G2SPD has copper-molybdenum contacts for 50 ADC current carry and to provide low, 12-milliohm, contact resistance. The low, stable contact resistance provides the desirable low voltage drop in DC circuits and low signal loss in RF circuits.


The G8SPD and G15SPD have tungsten-molybdenum contacts which allow for the relay to be used in load switching applications. The G15SPD uses a unique gas mixture that is particularly suited for making into loads such as capacitance discharge applications.


These new DPDT relays can be used where two traditional Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) relays have been used in the past. All three models have two sets of mechanically connected SPDT contacts. This provides the flexibility of using one set of contacts as auxiliaries to monitor the relay status. All of this capability is efficiently packaged into relays that measure approximately 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches. The new DPDT relays are available with either a 12 Vdc or 26.5Vdc coil, which is ideal for drive circuits from 8Vdc through 28Vdc. Special coils can be provided to meet customer requirements. Complete specifications are available online at


According to Rodney Nash, GIGAVAC Product Manager for High Voltage Relays, For years, customers requiring DPDT high voltage relays have had few choices. Now, GIGAVAC adds to our DPDT relay line with three new models. Like most of GIGAVAC's products, our new DPDT relays are the only relay of its kind in the industry and they are fully RoHS compliant."

Specifications are available at

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Wednesday, 20. Mar 2019