350+ Amp / 1500V DC-Contactor
350+ Amp / 1500V DC-Contactor

- Voltage Rating: 12 - 1500 Vdc
- Continuous Current: 350 A
- Contact Arrangement: SPST-NO / Form X
- Switching Characteristics: Make & Break

- Coil Voltage: 12, 24, 48Vdc
- Auxiliary Contacts (optional): SPST-NO or SPST-NC
- RoHS Compliant


- Small, compact contactor for switching 1000+Vdc
- UL508 Recognized and load break rated for 1000Vdc systems
- Designed to meet UL1604 for hazardous locations, class I and II, Div2 and class III
- Patented EPIC® Hermetic Seal - Exceeds IP67-69 specifications
- High Efficiency Dual DC Coils - Very low 12, 24, or 48Vdc continuous power coils
- Stand up mounting
- Designed and Manufactured in Carpinteria, CA USA

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Please select the appropriate part number from the list below.

Partnumber Coil Voltage Coil Termination Aux.Contacts  
HX200CA 24Vdc 38cm Leads - - -
HX200FA 48Vdc 38cm Leads - - -
HX200BA 12Vdc 38cm Leads -
HX200BAB 12Vdc 38cm Leads SPST-NO
HX200BAC 12Vdc 38cm Leads SPST-NC
HX200CAB 24Vdc 38cm Leads SPST-NO
HX200CAC 24Vdc 38cm Leads SPST-NC
HX200FAB 48Vdc 38cm Leads SPST-NO
HX200FAC 48Vdc 38cm Leads SPST-NC
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