350+ Amp 12-800 Vdc Contactor
350+ Amp 12-800 Vdc Contactor

- Max. Operating Voltage: 800 Vdc
- Max. Continuous Carry Current: 350+ Amp
- Contact Arrangement: SPST-NO / Form X
- Switching Characteristics: Make & Break
- Coil Voltage: 12 - 24 Vdc
- Auxiliary Contacts (optional): SPST-NO or SPST-NC
- RoHS Compliant


- Chassis level UL508 sized power terminals

- Rugged EPIC® ceramic to metal seal - reduces risk in over-current conditions

- Built-in coil suppression - saves engineering time and parts cost

- Stainless steel hardware and mounting inserts - for years of corrosion free service

- Not position sensitive - can be mounted in any position for ease of installation

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Please select the appropriate part number from the list below.

Partnumber Coil Voltage Coil Termination Aux.Contacts  
GX14BC 12Vdc flying leads (122cm) None
GX14BBB 12Vdc flying leads (61cm) SPST-NO
GX14BB 12Vdc flying leads (61cm) None
GX14FB 48Vdc flying leads (61cm) None
GX14FCB 48Vdc flying leads (122cm) SPST-NO
GX14FC 48Vdc flying leads (122cm) None
GX14BAB 12Vdc flying leads (38cm) SPST-NO
GX14CA 24Vdc flying leads (38cm) None
GX14CCB 24Vdc flying leads (122cm) SPST-NO
GX14FA 48Vdc flying leads (38cm) None
GX14CBB 24Vdc flying leads (61cm) SPST-NO
GX14CAB 24Vdc flying leads (38cm) SPST-NO
GX14FBB 48Vdc flying leads (61cm) SPST-NO
GX14FAB 48Vdc flying leads (38cm) SPST-NO
GX14BA 12Vdc flying leads (38cm) None
GX14CB 24Vdc flying leads (61cm) None
GX14CC 24Vdc flying leads (122cm) None
GX14BCB 12Vdc flying leads (122cm) SPST-NO
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