1,5kV - No Load Switching Reed Relay
1,5kV - No Load Switching Reed Relay

- Max. Operating Voltage: 1.5 kV
- Max. Continuous Carry Current: 3 A (DC)
- Contact Arrangement: SPST-NO / Form A
- Switching Characteristics: Carry only
- Coil Voltage: 28 Vdc
- Mounting: PC Pins
- RoHS Compliant


- RF efficient design offers high power handling in a small package
- High resistance coil means low current requirement for driver circuits
- PC pins provide the ultimate choice for connectivity and ease of mounting
- RF screen for interference free operation when relays are mounted side by side
- Vacuum dielectric offers low stable contact resistance

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Partnumber Coil Voltage HV Connection Mounting  
GR3BJA335 28 Vdc PC-Pins PC-Pins
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