15kV - Make & Break Load Switching Relay
15kV - Make & Break Load Switching Relay

- Max. Operating Voltage: 15 kV (DC)
- Max. Continuous Carry Current: 50 A (DC)
- Contact Arrangement: DPDT / Form 2C
- Switching Characteristics: Make & Break
- Coil Voltage: 12Vdc and 26,5 Vdc
- Mounting: Through Panel


- Space efficient design
- Easy to mount threaded base
- User interchangeable coils
- Meets or exceeds standard in MIL-R-83725
- Contact Material : Molybdenum / Copper
- Dielectric: Vacuum

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Partnumber Coil Voltage HV Connection Mounting  
G2SPD-26,5Vdc 26,5Vdc Solder pot Through panel
G2SPD-12Vdc 12Vdc Solder pot Through panel
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Thursday, 28. May 2020