7.5kV High Voltage Relay
130D Series
7.5kV High Voltage Relay

- Max. Switching Voltage: 7.5kV
- Max. Switching Current: 3A
- Max. Carry Current: 3A
- Contact Arrangement: 1 Form A

- Contact Rating: 50W
- Coil Voltage: 5, 12 and 24 Vdc

- RoHS Compliant


- Mainly used for instrumentation devise test and general purpose requirments

- 1 Form A / Optional 1 Form B available
- Custom dimension available

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Partnumber Coil Voltage Mounting Contact Form  
130D-1A10N0 5Vdc Threaded 1 Form A
130D-1A30N0 24Vdc Threaded 1 Form A
130D-1A20N0 12Vdc Threaded 1 Form A
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Saturday, 20. Oct 2018