25Amp High Current Relay
80W-4 Series
25Amp High Current Relay

- Max. Switching Voltage: 500 V

- Max. Switching Current: 2A
- Max. Carry Current (Pulse): 25A
- Contact Arrangement: 2 Form A

- Contact Rating: 100W

- Coil Voltage: 5, 12 and 24 Vdc


- Bounce-free switching thanks to mercury contacts

- Offers a variety of options for smaller form factor
- LED and electro shield are also available.
- Low coil drive version

More Information

Datasheet (pdf)

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Please select the appropriate part number from the list below.

Partnumber Coil Voltage Mounting Contact Form  
80W-4A10E0 5Vdc Standard 2 Form A
80W-4A20E0 12Vdc Standard 2 Form A
80W-4A30E0 24Vdc Standard 2 Form A
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Monday, 20. May 2019