100V High Insulation Relay
25D Series
100V High Insulation Relay

- Max. Switching Voltage: 100V
- Max. Switching Current: 0.5A
- Max. Carry Current: 1A
- Contact Arrangement: 1 Form A / 2 Form A

- Contact Rating: 10W
- Insulation Resistance: up to 10xE13 Ohms
- Coil Voltage: 5, 12 and 24 Vdc

- RoHS Compliant


- Small high insulation resistance relay
- Insulation resistance is top of its class, ensures to reduce mounting area
- Ideal for DC measurement and DC parametric tests.

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Partnumber Coil Voltage Mounting Contact Form  
25D-1A1N3 5Vdc PC-Pins 1 Form A
25D-1A2N3 12Vdc PC-Pins 1 Form A
25D-1A3N3 24Vdc PC-Pins 1 Form A
25D-2A1N3 5Vdc PC-Pins 2 Form A
25D-2A2N3 12Vdc PC-Pins 2 Form A
25D-2A3N3 24Vdc PC-Pins 2 Form A
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Tuesday, 25. Jun 2019